Uninvited Guests Arrive at Home, Disrupting Her Tranquil Existence

Wood salvaged from a hog shed, imitation grass, tar. 2019. Exhibited at Homeward Bound, curated by Nicole Shaver at Goodyear Arts in Charlotte, NC.  

The shack is Earth and she has been housing pigs. We ignored all hospitality and have trashed Home. She is wearing down and growing infertile. Her lawn has died, so imitation has been installed. Her roof leaks, so tar has been slopped on. Everything seems to be fine. A half-assed solution has fixed the problem, but for how long? Has it actually made it worse? Mother Earth -Our Home, Our Shack- is overpopulated and cannot continue to accommodate. We scramble to genetically modifying, optimize yields, mass-produce animals, exploit the egg to frantically fertilize and revitalize our resources with no regard of any long-term, irreplicable consequences.

I invited guests to throw eggs at our already deteriorating Home. We are hogs; filthy swine laughing as we egg our own dwelling.

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